microcastle is an electronic music imprint from the north, Canada. Releasing on vinyl, cassette and digital, the label is an outlet for borderless creation. The selective nature of the platform allows each artist to operate freely, where stylistic blueprints and conventional dance floor dynamics are lifted. A home for anyone who carves their own path, each microcastle project is unique unto itself, unmindful of trends, refreshingly organic and initiated with the intent of entering the unknown, from leftfield headphone listening to rebellious dance floors around the world.

Label Artists: 16 Bit Lolitas, Spooky, Cornucopia, Eagles & Butterflies, Marvin & Guy, Chaim, Zombies In Miami, Ruede Hagelstein, Luca Bacchetti, Upercent, Echonomist, Third Son, Olaf Stuut, Ivory, MULYA, Yubik, Radeckt, Ditian, Shiffer, Auggie, Santiago Garcia, Colossio, Darlyn Vlys, Mathias Schober, Love Over Entropy, Bog, Kadosh, Nariz, Speaking In Tongues, GROJ, Brian Cid, Fairmont, YokoO, Petar Dundov, Nhar, Guy J, Henry Saiz, Monkey Safari, Clarian, Max Cooper, Charlie May, Luis Junior, Ryan Davis.