• Image of Ditian 'Serpenta' Ltd. Edition 12" Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl
  • Image of Ditian 'Serpenta' Ltd. Edition 12" Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl
  • Image of Ditian 'Serpenta' Ltd. Edition 12" Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl
  • Image of Ditian 'Serpenta' Ltd. Edition 12" Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl


A1. Serpenta
A2. Venena
B1. Inertia
B2. Influenza

Artwork: Mauricio Seidel

microCastle's third offering of 2023 welcomes Ditian back to the label for his first artist EP. Splitting time between Buenos Aires, Berlin and Barcelona, the Argentinean artist has carved out a unique place in the electronic underground over the last half decade. With an immediately recognizable sonic signature, Ditian channels languages of varied musical landscapes, churning them into his own complex rollercoaster of intricate electronica. A sound that is equally at home on rebellious dance floors around the world or in the sweet spot of a late-night leftfield listening session. A short but meticulous discography reflects Ditian's choosy nature; with Exit Strategy, Innervisions and TAU serving as the primary landing spots for his musical output. Having remixed Ivory's 'Arpstairs' for his microCastle debut last summer, a project which was followed by a contribution to Dixon and Ame's Secret Weapons 15 collection to begin the year, Ditian now returns to the label with a four-track showcase entitled 'Serpenta'.

The crushing title track crashes in and sets any preconceived ideas of Ditian's music alight, forecasting jet force propulsions and wild signal bending synths. As somewhat of a departure from his previous experiments, Ditian's clustered pungi mutations provide an enduring main theme, while a wonderfully warped break is sure to cast a paranoid spell over the dancefloor.

'Venena' follows in fine style and further hammers down Ditian's elusive vision. Dizzying, rapid-fire sequences of rhythm, granular textures and heavily manipulated synths travel to the very edges, while maelstroms of drums and contorted basslines highlight a high-octane second act.

'Inertia' lands at the collection's midway point and does so in remarkably twisted fashion, stepping decisively on the gas and steering into shadowy transgressions. Never one to shy away from darkness or pushing boundaries, Ditian's metallic storyboarding rises and falls across act one, consciously withholding energy, as grooves pulse and effects orbit, creating tension that eventually gets resolved as clusters burst open and oscillate in kaleidoscopic fashion.

Ditian's creative attitude reveals itself further on collection closer 'Influenza'. Presenting some of his most club-adjacent rhythms yet, it's a clever coax of billowing tones and scrappy melodica which get wrapped up in a concordant fog, eventually getting washed away; because after all, the oceanic drones are all the better when they're magnified to full size.

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