• Image of Ivory 'Persona' Ltd. Edition 12" Khaki Vinyl
  • Image of Ivory 'Persona' Ltd. Edition 12" Khaki Vinyl


A1. Departures
A2. Axis Mundi
B1. Persona
B2. Sea Creatures
B3. Leftovers

Cover Art: Clara Bryon

microCastle’s second offering of 2023 welcomes Ivory back to the label for his third producer showcase. Based in Milan, Italian artist Daniel Tagliaferri aka Ivory has been at the cutting edge of electronic music for the better part of a decade. Comparable to the path of his contemporaries, Daniel has found a way to create a personal universe by exploring electronic sounds, and ultimately finding his own place in the trend-driven state of underground dance music. Fully formed within the creative confines of his Milan studio, Ivory's third microCastle project ‘Persona’, follows on from 2021's ‘Light Through Water’, a seven-track affair which continued Daniel’s mission to create bold synthesizer symphonies from the tools of the club. As an evolution in his sound, the release was significantly more stripped-down and dancefloor-friendly than his label debut ‘No Scale Can Resize You’ yet continued to demonstrate and build on the Italian’s penchant for sophisticated sound design and memorable musical themes. Moving forward, 2022 proved to be a monumental year for Ivory, with the release of his debut album ‘Feelin’ sitting as the highlight, a release which was preceded by the immaculate EP project ‘Rain’. The year also saw the Milan resident gain further recognition as a DJ, as he continued to exhibit fresh programming along with thrilling pace and flow, in turn becoming an in-demand presence at major clubs and events throughout the world. Now, following a string of impressive remixes to begin 2023, Ivory makes a welcome return to microCastle with ‘Persona’.

EP opener and title selection ‘Persona’ is exactly the kind of confounding starting point that an Ivory project seems to relish in; one with a newly sprawling, saga-like story to tell. Unique in design and execution; its paranoid motifs, sci-fi vocal samples and perverse synth mutations are prophetic, all while maintaining a sense of urgency and spontaneity that astute dancefloors will appreciate.

Superficially, ‘Axis Mundi’ comes across as a classic chunk of Ivory bombast, but it exists in a markedly different sonic world, as multiple layers of rebounding rhythms, vocal trails and cinematic ambience get gently woven around a core of beefy grooves and cleverly coaxed chord stabs.

Meanwhile, the aptly titled ‘Sea Creatures’ operates on a more symphonic level, a provocative contrast to an extent, as Ivory’s marine design and dreamlike elegance conjures up utopian visions. Thickets of buzz swell and intensify across its nautical architecture, carefully reeling in the listener, before a thoughtful take on melody reveals Ivory’s creative attitude during an elegant finale.

As a much-requested track of Ivory’s DJ gigs, ‘Departures’ lands with a grandiose flair. Big, bold and magnificent; yet intricately crafted with perfectly contoured beats and serene meditative textures. There’s a strong sense of cruising across the first movement, allowing the listener to relish in the groove, examining phrases before leaving them behind for a smudge of fuzzy stabs and euphoric overlays. Balancing the mix, Daniel’s orchestral touches radiate throughout the production's final act, adding an air of sophisticated musicality to a mature no-frills arrangement.

Inspired by the limited HBO series of the same name, it is ‘Leftovers’ which sits as the anchor of the EP. Winding the release down in breathtaking fashion, its patient build and wispy harmonies tug at your heartstrings, progressing with a sense of intricacy and naturality that one would expect from the upper echelons of electronic music. In fact, it’s this minimalism, which at times has become a hallmark of Daniel’s more intimate work, and the brutally economical way in which he is able to wrench on the emotions with so little, that has distinguished his potency as an artist. A sound that delivers authenticity, it’s music which reminds us to simply be.

From the paranoid club realities of ‘Persona’ through to the heartrending qualities of ‘Leftovers’, this is a unique look into Ivory’s repertoire. Here, the infectious house music on which he’s built his career remains but also makes way for the space between the notes, and his melodic acumen is clear and gripping throughout.

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